I will start off by telling all that I am a sinner and it is by the grace of God that I am here today to give my testimonies, witnesses, stories and help bring my sisters and brothers to Christ.

I was not raised in a church, I was not raised by parents that went to church. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen any of my family, including my grandparents, aunts, and uncles go to church unless there was a wedding or a funeral. Well, once when my brother was baptized. When I was a little girl, I guess around the second grade or so, my mother gave me a book about the bible. It intrigued me. I loved reading the story of Noah and I was super impressed with this guy named Jesus. I felt such a personal connection to him even at a young age. Somehow I managed to put myself on the church bus and make it to Sunday school. Every Sunday we would get the Alvin Sun. I would read the funnies and they used to have a scripture in it that I would cut out. It was the Kings James version but I seemed to understand it. I believe that is where I memorized Psalm 23.

My childhood was definitely not normal. I was a horrible student when I got into high school. I rebelled in my teens and twenties. However, through all of the bad choices that I made in my life, I was always reeled back into where I needed to be. I guess almost like a big fish struggling at the end of the line – reel me in and I would fight, go out a little further, reel me in a little bit more and I’d fight more, then sometimes, I just got tired of fighting. Through all of my struggles and situations that I could never be proud of, I am, however, at peace of who I am today because that’s how I have been able to become the person that I am today.

I am not an evangelist and I can’t recite a lot of scripture. I don’t have all the answers, but the bible does. So basically I put together this website (with the advice of my awesome husband) to help people get to know Jesus. Most of us have heard the saying “the grass is greener on the other side”. I believe that people are searching for greener pastures, just like I was. I invite you to join in and we can take this journey together!

Much love,